The Properties and types of metal that should know before using.

The Properties and types of metal that should know before using.

Metals was found in the form of compounds and ores. These ores or compounds are smelted to extract the metal. But at the same time, the pure metal that extracted from the smelting process unable to be used immediately because of its texture is too malleable, not strength. As well as its properties not suitable enough for using, so it must be improve the properties of the metal to has the strength enough to be useable which the improved metal will have the properties suitable for usability.

The Metal Properties in Industrial Application

The metal for the industrial application must be fully properties as follows.

  1. It must be the good thermal conduction due to the most industrial application mainly requires heat.
  2. It must be the excellent conductor.
  3. There is durability, durable for long-term use and not deterioration easily.
  4. There is normal temperature except the mercury metal.
  5. It must have high ductility and hardness except the mercury metal.
  6. There is luster white color, which is the normal color metal.
  7. It can expand at high temperature.

The Types of Metal Materials

For the type of metal material, it can be classified into 2 types as follows.

1. Iron Metal Material

This metal type contains iron as main component. It is very popular in the industrial application. This metal including steel, mild steel and cast iron etc., which can be improved to have more hardness and durability and it also can be transformed in many ways. The most method commonly used for transformation is turning, casting and extrusion etc.

2. Non-Iron Metal Material

It is the metal material that does not contain iron. Some metals are higher price than steel. This metal includes tin, zinc, copper, gold, silver, magnesium, lead and etc. It can be used in some industries such as tin with the work required corrosion resistant, copper with the electrical work and aluminum with the work required light weight.

Ductility and Brittleness of metals

The ductility and brittleness of metals are completely difference and opposite. It can be noted from how much the object can be stretched out. If the material can be stretched out too much refers that it has the ductility. If the material stretches out just a little and fracture then, that’s mean the object has more brittleness.

The metal is made to have the tenacity for the properties of durability application and impact resistance as well as it also can absorb energy before possible damage more than brittle materials. It is concluded that most metals are more ductility than brittleness.


The Properties and types of metal that should know before using.

Metal is an ore with the metal element as main component. This metal has been smelted to extract pure metal. Metal elements are divided into several types as follows.

  • Iron is the strongest element. It can be applied in a variety ways. Especially in the field of production that requires the strength as main. The metal ore is considered to be the most applied ore.
  • Silver is a fuzzy-like shape feature. It suitable for silver jewelry making. Most of them are found mix in lode with copper.
  • Galena is an blue element when it is burned, it will has sulfur smell. And when it is smelted, it will give the lead.
  • Copper is commonly mixed with gold to obtain the pinchbeck. And mixed with zinc to obtain the brass. Most of them are found mix with silver.
  • Gold is often found in other elements. When it is smelted, it will give the pure gold.
  • Tin, most of them are very hard and be in the form of crystals. It will be smelted and laid to be thin sheets. It can moisture-proof, so it was used for wrapping the food and some products that must be protected from humidity.
  • Aluminum is an element that has the thermal and electrical conductivity as well. Most of them are from bauxite
  • Manganese is smelted as a metal alloy to obtain steel. Most of the manganese is found in the lode mix with granite and igneous rocks.
  • Magnesium often used in the metal smelting industry. Most of them mixed with manganese. Its feature is lightweight, white, and has the ductility.
  • Platinum is the grain with luster grayish silver color and usually does not react with substances.
  • Lead is usually found in the form of lead and sulfur substances. It can be used as battery, bullets and more.

Metal is a popular element widely use as well as its remarkable features in many aspects, so they are the most used in industrial work especially, the electrical conductivity and tenacity. Therefore, the products made of metal are durable and can be used effectively application. There are many types of metal which must be further studied about the type and properties that are suitable for using.