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What are features of laser cutting at Chaijaroen Tech different from other companies ?
Answer : We proceed the laser cutting for many years, our features are the features of machine that is modern, flexible, continuously quick production, low fault of work and can produce all small, thin and large works including materials with long length. In addition, we have a service for cutting, forming, bending and reflective material i.e. stainless and aluminum.
Does it have the minimum order for laser cutting ?
Answer : The minimum order will be focused on expense of products and service that we are welcome for product value 2,000 THB or more.
How long time will be for bidding ?
Answer : The period of bidding depends on the readiness of work provided by customer. If it is .CAD file of each part provided by customer (1 work is contained by many parts), it can help us have a quicker bidding.
In case customer provides work with dimension, how long time will we appraise ?
Answer : In case work with dimension is provided, we can appraise within 1-5 working days approximately (depends on the complexity of work).
In case of no dimension of work provided, how long time will we appraise ?
Answer : In case of no dimension of work provided, we can appraise within 3-7 working days approximately (depends on the complexity of work).
What kind of file should be provided for getting appraisal from factory ?
Answer : File or design provided to us should be .dwg, .dxf, .pdf or other kinds of picture file. If it is a detailed work required the precision, the file provided should already be designed e.g. .CAD in AutoCAD programming.
Do we have a delivery after finished work ?
Answer : We have a free delivery in case value of product is 10,000 THB or more and a delivery distance must not be over 50 km from our factory. In case a delivery distance is over 50 km, we will request 1,500 THB for delivery by pickup truck and it will be 2,000 THB in case of 4-wheel drive.
Who will provide the materials to produce work? Customer or company ?
Answer : We are welcome for both laser cutting with material provided by customer and requested to be provided by factory that our factory has the contact with suppliers, so we will use the marketing price on that time to present to customer.
Can we carve on a thin metal ?
Answer : We have a service to carve the thin metal for both steel and aluminum that the thickness depends on design of customer provided. However, we will consider to the possibility and inform the customer before doing every time.
Do we have a service to drill a steel plate ?
Answer : We serve to drill the steel plate and produce the plate as design that customer can send us the design or define the thickness as required because our factory uses the big drilling machine, so it can drill the plates quickly.
Can we produce a plate for a big construction work ?
Answer : We have the experience of many plates’ production; every piece of work is like the design that it is used in many big constructions e.g. electric train and high building. Thus, we have the experience to negotiate with subcontractors and expertise of steel plates in construction.
Do we have a laser cutting with foam ?
Answer : Our factory has no service for a laser cutting with foam because we are more professional to cut the hard materials.
In holiday or non-working time, can customer contact Chaijaroen Tech ?
Answer : In case of holiday or non-working days, customer can leave the message through E-mail and Line all the time, then our service department will contact the customer as soon as possible.
Do we have the finished goods from laser cutting for sell ?
Answer : We have no finished goods because all goods are made by order and our factory can produce a lot of goods per time as customer’s design, so we have no finished goods for online shopping.
Where are the Chaijaroen Tech office and branches located ?
Answer : Our head office (factory) is located at Samut Prakarn and our branch, where is the medium factory, is in Nonthaburi. However, both branches can contact to each other quickly, hence, we can support and distribute our products well.