Our Customers

Italian-Thai Development PLC


Italian-Thai Development PLC is the top construction company in Thailand, responsibilities for the leading medium and large construction projects, constructs the first infrastructure construction system in Thailand and is the largest civil engineering subcontractor in Southeast Asia, is one of our customers for producing many plates to be used in various constructions.

Chokmanat Kanchang Ltd., Part.


Chokmanat Kanchang Ltd., Part. is the operator who constructs the PTT gas station to improve the image of the new look in both domestic and international, this company has the professional managements and engineering team to control the design and construction. However, our company has been trusted by “PTT Public Company Limited” to register as a partner in terms of quality and standard of PTT blueprint. With quality and our over 15-year experience under label of PTT, it shows the standard of products and quality in charge of “Grade A subcontractor”, so our company is confident to certify the operating result.

JWS Construction Co., .Ltd


JWS Construction Co., .Ltd is the large construction company to construct the office buildings, factories, hotels, schools and hospitals for both structure and system from both government and private sectors. This company has been established by group of experienced people in civil engineering, architecture, sanitation system, electrical and mechanical systems by emphasizing on service of construction in Thailand, high building work, office and all kinds of large public utility systems.

Bisalloy (Thailand) .Co, .Ltd


Bisalloy (Thailand) .Co, .Ltd distributes the steel plates and stainless plates, is the distributor and warehouse of steel and steel plates that can bear to a high friction, bisplate 400, 500, 80 stainless steel, stainless steel pipes, round shaft, flat shaft and other various steel products.

C-CON System Technology


C-CON System Technology sells the traffic lights, lights, flashing lights, LED equipment, solar panels, traffic pins, CCTV system and traffic signs including to serve for installation of traffic light system and other safety systems on the roads in both government and private sectors.

Union Belt International Co., Ltd.

(Union Belt)

Union Belt International Co., Ltd. commits to develop staffs and quality of products including to use a modern technology to cause the highest satisfaction of customers, this company is the importer and distributor for a high quality of belt from aboard, serves for belt installation in and out of place by a modern technology, fully with knowledgeable staffs to recommend the proper belt selection.

Blue Metal Laser Engineering

(Blue Metal)

Blue Metal Laser Engineering we are the expert of laser cutting, plasma cutting and gas cutting, our laser cutting machine can cut 13 mm stainless. In case of steel cutting, the thickness can be cut to 22 mm. For other kinds of metal e.g. aluminum, copper, GI, GA, we can precisely cut by using the modern machines that cover to all kinds of cutting with a reasonable price and quick service as customers’ need.

CRS Lighting


CRS Lighting has been established since 1983, operates the business about producing and distributing lighting bulbs used with fluorescent and other products used in the industrial factory, house and commercial building, we develop a group of our customers (most of them are Japanese subcontractor) by focusing on quality of staffs, materials and standardized equipment. So, we have the quality products as standard to support the customer’s requirements that is our mission.

And thank you for other customers also.